Examples of Services Offered:-

  • Fuel oil quality disputes.

  • Main and auxiliary engine damage.

  • SOLAS inspections / disputes.

  • MARPOL inspections / disputes.

  • Expert evidence in court, arbitration and mediation.

  • Loss prevention and damage limitation.

  • Ship management.

  • Service reliability project management.

  • New build disputes.

  • Propulsion and steering arrangement damage.

  • Deck crane damages.

  • C/P and COA contractual disputes.

  • MOA disputes.

  • Collision and grounding damage assessment.

  • Post-fire damage assessment.

  • Vessel under-performance disputes.

  • Service improvement project management.

  • Dry dock and repair disputes.

  • Repair cost evaluation.

  • Evaluation of ship managers' operation of the vessel.

  • Condition, pre-purchase and on/off hire inspections.

  • Bunker quantity surveys.

  • Sea trials and machinery commissioning.

  • Owners'/managers' rep for new builds and sale/purchase.

  • Cargo damage.

  • Stevedore damage.

  • Dock, lock, and fender damage.

  • Speed and angle of blow assessment.

  • Thermal imaging inspections and reports.

The following are available on request:-

  1. Terms and conditions.

  2. Tariff rates.

  3. Curriculum vitae.

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